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Dr. Ramesh Chowdhary

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Dr.Chowdhary is one of the most sought after Prosthodontist and implantalogist in India. Whose education and training sets him above and beyond an average dentist. Dr Chowdhary have more then 15 yrs of experience in the field of dentistry and prosthodontics and is considered one of the leading prosthodontists in the country. Dr. Chowdhary earned his BDS (Bachelorof Dental Surgery) from Government Dental College, Bangalore, and in 2000 he went on to complete his masters in Prosthodontics from SDM college of Dental sciences, Dharwad, India. His intrested in learning advancement in the speciality continued, as in 2007 he was awarded TC white visiting scholarship for 4 months from Royal college of Physician and surgoens to be trained for maxillofacial prosthodontics at Southern general hosptial, Glasgow, Scotland. He is also been trianed in dental implantalogy in Germany, Sweden, France and Scotland. He completed his PhD in 2013, from one of the world’s prestigious Malmo University.

Seeing his excellence in Dental implantology, In 2009, Dr Chowdhary was invited by Prof P-I Branemark, the father of modern dental implantalogy to be part of Branemark’s clinical family. He was given to head the Branemark osseointegration center in India.Thus in 2009, Cosmetic dental care was replaced with Branemark osseointegration Center India (BOCI), a center for execellence for oral rehabilitation in India. BOCI is amongst the nine-branemark centers in the world. BOCI is situated in the heart of garden city of India, Bengaluru.

Dr Chowdhary, is editor in chief of International Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry, he is the ad hoc reviewer for the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, Journal of Prosthodontics, Journal of Oral rehabilitation and many more. He has co-authored two books and chapters in textbooks.

Though time consuming and sometimes demanding, Dr. Chowdhary retains these positions to not only to help create other top prosthodontists in India, but to also stay on the cutting edge of dental procedures and cosmetic surgeries in dental implantology. Dr. Chowdhary has published numerous articles on implant dentistry in peer-reviewed journals. First and foremost, Dr. Chowdhary is an expert prosthodontist and is devoted to the field of implant dentistry. He and his expert staff better patients’ lives day in and day out, earning Dr. Chowdhary a reputation for being the arguably the best dentist in India.

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